The CEO, PE Energy Ltd, Mr. Daere Akobo met with Mr. Patrick Lammers, a member of the Board of Directors at Essent N.V, an energy company based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Patrick Lammers is a man, well respected by Mr. Daere Akobo for his strategy, business and leadership acumen. During an official visit to Netherlands in 2016, Mr. Akobo had an insightful leadership session/executive meeting with Mr. Lammers during which business ideas were shared.

It was from this meeting that the lesson on efficiency and stress management for CEOs was discussed. An interesting conclusion was that “in order to have a stress-free and successful business life, you must have an intelligent Executive Assistant”.

Mr. Akobo also has in his library a book from Patrick Lemmars titled “To hell and back”, which is an addition to his numerous collection of leadership books. The book is a valuable guide to informing decisions on the raging economic storms in this present era.

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