PE Energy Limited is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of a SIL3 High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems, installed at Anyala (OML83) and Madu (OML85) for the Nigerian Oil and Gas company FIRST E&P. These HIPPSs belong to Mokveld’s mechanical HIPPS type and constitute a complete system, namely final elements i.e. axial valve including actuator and pressure initiators. The purpose of these HIPPS on request of the client is to close faster than 1 second after reaching setpoint pressure, to protect the FPSO and further downstream processing equipment from the higher pressures coming from the wells on the separate production platforms and thereby assure safe working conditions.

This Commissioning was carried out in Nigeria by trained Nigerian personnel, in line with the core objective of the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board on Technology Transfer and in-country Capacity building & Utilization of local manpower. With this recent accomplishment, PE Energy has again demonstrated her commitment towards domestication and local content development in Nigeria.

Loyal to our tradition of performance excellence, we are proud to share the top score received in our client’s evaluation report, in terms of personnel, equipment and tools, QHSE performance, as well as overall job quality. PE is firmly positioned to support the client throughout any project’s full lifecycle, while steadily harnessing indigenous capabilities and investing in local human capital development.

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