Leading engineering solutions and projects management company in Nigeria, PE Energy limited, has successfully completed the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of Mokveld Pressure Control Valves for Nigerian Gas Company (NGC).

A total number of four 16inch class 600 pressure control valves were engineered, installed and commissioned in this project, which was completed on the 17th of July 2019, spanning 10 days.

NGC Egbin pressure reducing system consists of three identical lines, two operating and one stand-by. Each line has two PCVs installed in series. The Pressure Control Valves process consists of a 3×50% pressure reducing system with an upstream PCV acting as the main control valve and a downstream acting as a monitor.

The main control PCV normally assures pressure reduction is achieved to the set value while the monitor is fully open to assure gas supply continuity in case of a failure of the main control PCV (the valve or its controls/signal), the monitor PCV moves from normally wide open to a control position to take over and release the set point pressure.

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