PE Energy has received the regional certification of representation from NXT Energy Solutions Inc. The certificate is a confirmation of PE Energy Limited as an exclusive distributor of NXT Energy Solutions services | SFD Survey Technology System for Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, and Tanzania. The certificate was awarded by the President of NXT Energy Solutions, George Liszicasz, to the Chairman and CEO of PE Energy Solutions, Mr. Daere Akobo.

NXT Energy’s SFD® Survey Technology is a dynamic approach to hydrocarbon prospecting, which significantly reduces the cost and time of oil exploration. SFD (Stress Field Detection) is a technology which locates trapped reservoirs at the early stage of exploration cycle. Airborne sensors detect orientation changes in the horizontal gravity field.

The technology is used in obtaining accurate images of earth’s subsurface in areas of complex geology such as those associated with salt tectonics, basalt, folds and thrust belts and complex carbonate reservoirs requires the use of multiple geophysical tools to aid in mitigating exploration risk.  SFD® offers a unique independent data set which is complementary to seismic and other geophysical data.

The airborne SFD® survey technology is very compact, versatile, and rapidly deployed.  It is also not affected by harsh or impassable ground surface conditions (the Arctic, desert, mountainous areas, jungle).

The regional certification further reinforces PE Energy Limited’s vision to become Africa’s leading energy and engineering services company. Our partnership with NXT Energy Solutions is a testament to capacity and expansion in oil exploration.

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