PE Energy Limited successfully carried out a valve maintenance project during the NLNG (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas company) Train 5 Turn Around Maintenance, between 17th May and 28th June 2018. A total of 22 Valves were received; 18 out of which were for Partial and Complete Overhaul and Re-certification, while 4 other Valves were for In-site accessories change out. All Valves tested were passed and certified.

The Butterfly Valves sizes include 18’’X 300#, 18’’ X 300#, 14’’X 300#, 36’’X 300#, 24’’X 3000#, 24’’X 300#, 24’’X 300#, 26’’X150#, 48’’X 300, 36’’X 600, 56’’ X 150, 56’’ X 150, 48’’X 150, 48’’ X 300, 56’’X300, 72’’X 350. The NLNG TAM Team was praised the high level of excellence in service our engineers rendered.

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