The Chairman & CEO of PE Energy has gained recognition for outstanding leadership. Mr. Daere Akobo was selected among the 100 Most Outstanding CEOs in 2018 by The Guardian. The 100 Most Outstanding CEOs Awards identify and honor top Chief Executives with exceptional managerial expertise across Nigeria. This award is in recognition of the ability of these CEOs to intelligently manoeuvre, stay afloat, and grow despite the country’s recent exodus from an economic recession and other daunting factors deterring business growth.

Mr Akobo noted that challenges are opportunities for growth. He said, “Business always present ebbs and flows, as occasioned by inadequate funding and under-skilled manpower in the country, however, we have been able to improve on our domain expertise and focus on what we intend to do now and how this will lead us to our vision about the near future.”

On how he has been able to maintain PE Energy successfully during harsh times, Mr Akobo noted that PE Energy is built on a strong moral code and that cutting corners due to harsh economic realities is not the way a business is run, despite the popular view. According to him, “opportunities abound in the country, but what we do is focus on out targets and not give room for distractions”.

Mr. Akobo envisions for PE Energy to be the first indigenous company, engaged in project and equipment supplies, to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.

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