A High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is used as last level of defense and prevents overpressure in a plant or pipeline by shutting-off the source and so protecting the downstream pipeline or section of the plant. Thus, it is crucial for the safety and protection of human lives, assets and our environment.

(Pictured above: FPSO TotalEnergies AKPO: DPTS tests on 12” HIPPS valves)

Maintaining the safety level a HIPPS Final Element (valve, actuator, and instrumentation) requires a recertification or full inspection of the Final Element after the initial 6 years of operation. As stopping production or removing valves from the line is not always easy or even possible and always expensive (production loss, rigging work, coordination and planning) as well as potentially risky, customers try to avoid this by all means.

To solve this problem, Mokveld introduced its ‘Dynamic Performance Test System’ (DPTS) of the valve and actuator. The dataset collected during this DPTS test gives us the ‘as is’ condition of the Final Element at that moment and in combination with findings during earlier interventions or recertifications we have a good basis for advising the client on a precise action plan: this includes the possibility extension of the recertification interval from 6 to 7,8 or even 9 years.  

In line with our responsibility to Mokveld, as their exclusive channel partner in Nigeria, PE Energy keeps track of the HIPPS installed base and approaches our esteemed clients as the recertification date is nearing, while driving the DPTS together with Mokveld.  With the first in-country HIPPS recertification program recently carried out with full success, in our state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence industrial service and training centre, (Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria), PE Energy has increased indigenous capabilities drastically and is ready to increase its value addition to our clients’ operations by decreasing cost and time parameters in the maintenance cycle of these critical safety solutions.

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