PANA Holdings is thrilled to announce its strategic stakeholder role in Diplomatic Village Limited, a groundbreaking initiative that will revolutionize duty-free shopping for Nigeria’s esteemed diplomatic community.

This signifies PANA Holdings’ unwavering commitment to supporting the nation’s economic growth and fostering a vibrant business environment. Through Diplomatic Village Limited, members of the diplomatic corps will have the exclusive privilege of enjoying duty-free shopping for their personal needs.

Diplomatic Village Limited promises an unparalleled shopping experience, offering a wide array of duty-free goods. This will not only enhance the lives of diplomats stationed in Nigeria but also streamline their shopping endeavors.

PANA Holdings’ investment in Diplomatic Village Limited underscores its unwavering vision of forging strategic partnerships that contribute to Nigeria’s economic diversification and development. This venture aligns perfectly with the company’s core values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

PANA Holdings is confident that Diplomatic Village Limited will be a resounding success, solidifying Nigeria’s position as a premier destination for international diplomacy and commerce.

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