Successful organizations are those that generate hundreds of ideas, sift through them all, pick the right ones, develop them into products/solutions with clear go-to-market strategies, and then leverage on these innovations to generate revenue and profit growth.

You will be happy to know that, to promote innovative ideas, the GMD has announced a 2000 USD prize along with a PE Innovation Club Certificate, for the best innovative solution, proposed by anyone that will add value to the PE Group.

The PEInnovationChallenge idea may showcase examples of technology, engineering, operational or process innovation, applicable to the company. The winning proposal will be evaluated based on four main categories:

Ingenuity: the idea must be a new technical, business, or operating practice that shows ingenuity.
Measured Success: the technology must be working for a sustained period with demonstrated efficiency success that can be measured.
Replicability: the idea must be replicable, meaning that this idea can be easily applied elsewhere.
Economic & Environmental: the innovation must demonstrate economic and environmental benefits.

The innovative idea may be any process, solution or offering, which contributes significantly to make our company stand out among others, adds overall value to the organization and propels its growth, in line with our 2023 Vision.

The ideas should be submitted on with subject line PEInnovationChallenge – ( participant’s name). Along with idea, please also mention your complete contact details in the mail.

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