PANA Holdings, a stalwart in the energy sector, recently marked its presence at the 7th edition of the Nigerian International Energy Summit (#NIES2024). The event, held to showcase groundbreaking innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and transformative solutions, brought together industry leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders.

Our dedicated teams from Synergy E&P and AKD Digital Solutions actively participated in this milestone event. The summit served as a platform to unveil their expertise and contribute to the collective discourse on the future of the energy industry.

NIES2024 emerged as a pivotal moment for companies to unveil their expertise, market goods, and showcase services directly to key decision-makers. Plenary sessions, networking events, and a strategically located international exhibition hall created an immersive experience, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

This edition of NIES stands out as the most significant energy industry event to date. It provided an invaluable opportunity for companies to align with industry trends, connect with key stakeholders, and gain insights into the latest advancements in the energy sector.

The Plenary sessions served as a hub for thought-provoking discussions, where industry leaders shared insights, experiences, and future visions. Companies, including PANA Holdings GCEO Mr. Daere Akobo shared their opinions at the Gas Stakeholders Conversation, which was a hub of collaboration and global insights, addressing power, pipelines, LNG terminals, finance, innovation, gas extraction, and the exciting future of AUTOGAS and CNG, emphasizing commitment to driving innovation and contributing to the sustainable growth of the energy sector.

As we reflect on our participation in #NIES2024, we are excited about the transformative possibilities that lie ahead. PANA Holdings remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends, fostering innovation, and contributing to the sustainable development of the energy landscape.

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