In a significant diplomatic exchange, Mr. Hamshi Yye, the British High Commission’s Second Secretary for Political Affairs, and Fortune Alfred, Political Officer and Head of the Port Harcourt Office, paid a visit to the PE Energy Centre of Excellence facility and was received by Mr. Daere Akobo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PE Energy Ltd. And his team. The visit emphasized the strengthening ties between the United Kingdom and Nigeria in the field of energy and innovation.

The PE Energy Centre of Excellence, a renowned hub for cutting-edge research and development in the energy, Oil and gas sector, proved to be an ideal destination for the British diplomats. The visit aimed to foster collaboration and mutual understanding in areas such as renewable energy, sustainable development, and technological innovation.

During their tour, Mr. Yye and Mr. Alfred had the opportunity to interact with the facility’s experts and researchers, gaining insights into the latest advancements in energy technology and sustainability practices. They were particularly impressed by the Centre’s dedication to promoting clean energy solutions and sustainable practices, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

In a statement, Mr. Yye expressed his appreciation for the remarkable work being done at the PE Energy’s Centre of Excellence. He noted, “This facility is a testament to the innovative spirit and commitment of the Nigerian people in addressing the critical challenges of our time. The United Kingdom is keen on deepening our partnership with Nigeria in advancing sustainable energy solutions and mitigating the effects of climate change.”

Fortune Alfred, echoing Mr. Yye’s sentiments, highlighted the potential for collaboration between the UK and Nigeria in the energy, Oil and gas sector. He stated, “Nigeria is a key partner for the United Kingdom in Africa, and the PE Energy’s Centre of Excellence exemplifies the kind of forward-thinking initiatives that can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.”

The visit also served as an opportunity for the British diplomats to discuss potential areas of cooperation with Nigerian counterparts and explore avenues for joint research projects and knowledge exchange programs. The PE Energy Centre of Excellence welcomed the prospect of international collaboration and affirmed its commitment to playing a pivotal role in advancing Nigeria’s Energy, Oil and Gas sector.

As the world grapples with pressing environmental challenges, the visit of Mr. Hamshi Yye and Fortune Alfred to the PE Energy Centre of Excellence underscores the significance of international partnerships and knowledge-sharing in the pursuit of a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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